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Aqua DM-XL Series
Model No Min. Flow rate ltrs/hr Max. Flow rate ltrs/hr Output between Regener- ation(ltr.) Min. pressure kg/cm2
Aqua DM XL
600/100 A/D
10 100 600 0.5
Aqua DM XL
2000/200 A/D
20 200 2000 1.5
Aqua DM XL
3500/600 A/D
60 600 3500 2.0

The New “Bhanu Aqua DM-XL Series” have several User-friendly features and are available in three standard models.
De-Mineralisers/ De-ionisers (DM Plants) are based on Ion Exchange Technology and removes all the dissolved ions present in raw water and gives high purity DM water having low conductivity (<10μS/cm at 25º C), suitable for various lab applications.
Note : When the exchanger (resin) is exhausted, it has to be regenarated with diluted HCI and caustic soda for cation and anion exchanger respectively.

New ! User-friendly features:

  • Safety Feature :
    The entire unit works on low voltage. Hence, danger of electrical shock to the operator is eliminated
  • Light indicator :
    The new XL model has light indicators that indicate the quality of DM water.
    • Green Light indicates good quality water (<30μS/cm)
    • Red Light indicates that the unit requires regeneration owing to the high conductivity of water (>30μS/cm)
  • Color Tubing :
    • Green Tube indicates Untreated water
    • Blue Tube indicates DM / Treated water
    • Red Tube indicates Effluent / waste water
  • Easy to use :
    Regeneration procedures have been incorporated on the vessel for easy reference during regeneration and maintenance. The unit can be independently maintained by the laboratory technician.