Core Team

Founder, Chairman & MD: Mr. H. N. Ravi

Professor, Scientist, Researcher, Strategist, and Businessman are some of the terms that best describe Mr. H. N. Ravi, founder of the Infusil Group of Companies. His vision, since the inception of the company, has been to establish the Infusil Group as a pioneer in the global scientific community. As Chairman and MD of the group, his passion lies in R&D and developing new products. Along with invention and innovation, he effortlessly manages the seven divisions of the company as well as dedicates time for his family. He also loves photography and enjoys being among nature and wildlife.


Top Management

As the management team of the Infusil Group of Companies, Mrs. Surya Ravi, Mrs. Bhanu Manoj, Mr. Swamy Ravi and Mrs. Bhanu Swamy head the various divisions in the group and are responsible for the day-to-day running of the business. Their vast experience and extensive working knowledge of the industry enables them to ensure that the company's growth is exponential each and every year.

Team Infusil
A highly skilled and experienced team, which has been trained directly under Mr. H. N. Ravi himself, is at the heart of the Infusil Group of Companies. Every member of the team is dedicated and committed to the success and growth of the organisation.