20 inch Filter Housing

For item number of the model, kindly refer page no.76

Bhanu Pre-Filters can be used for pre treatment of water for trouble-free operation.


  • Efficiently removes suspended particles including rust and silt from the water supply
  • Filters all particles above 10 micron size
  • Free standing/ wall mounted
  • Easy to use standard hose connectors/ tap connectors
  • Disposable filter cartridge in spun-bounded polypropylene


Type Polypropylene
Filtration size 10 microns
Element size 25cms
Max. flow rate 25 ltrs/min.
Max. working pressure 100 p.s.i.
Max. working temperature 40ºC
Connections inlet Tap adaptor
Connections outlet 12mm hose spout
Dimensions 13x31.5cms
Material ABS Blue ( Lid & Bowl)
Disposable Filter Cartridge Spun-bounded Polypropylene

Dechlorite Filter

Eliminates chlorine particles in tap water

Phosphate Cartridge

Prevents scale formation in the condenser by phosphatising of
tap water.